By leveraging on our various experiences and knowledge in the real estate related matters, we are particularly adept at real property transactions. We advised domestic and international companies in their ventures in the Malaysian real property market and provide comprehensive solutions for all real property matters starting from construction works related negotiations to the handling of application for permits and approvals until the preparation of sale and purchase agreements. Our team has experience representing land owners, developers as well as contractors in the broad spectrum of the real estate and real property practice.

We fully apprehend the needs of our clients in the real estate sector, who ranges from international or domestic developers, and are always at the forefront in providing pragmatic solutions with the view to prevent recurring difficulties in their every sale and purchase transaction.

On a day-to-day basis, we also advise sellers and purchasers of real properties in Malaysia. We provide the personal attention required by each of our clients in ensuring a smooth conveyance of their real property by making available a self-developed and systematic approach towards the handling of records and documentation.