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Where deals made possible

Donny & Ong is a law firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, established to provide professional legal services with a difference. We are a zealous boutique-sized legal firm that yearns to understand our clients’ business needs and strives to meet them. In order to appreciate the intricacies of our clients’ business, we recognise the importance of stepping into our clients’ shoes while carrying out our role as legal advisors. We approach our clients’ needs in a pragmatic and commercial manner with the aim to rendering adequate and business effective advice.

Our team advises a broad range of clients, whether local or foreign, private or public companies, and from start-ups to long-established companies. We strive to bring every success and support in all our clients’ business undertakings and goals by giving our best and the highest standards to our deliverables.

We treat our clients as our business partners and we are ever ready to provide our clients with tailored advice in practical business sense in accordance with the context and visions of our clients’ businesses and industries.

Never mind the complexity of the issue, our team is ready to explore and find solutions by leveraging on our experience and legal skills to resolve your every legal concern. Our team is a firm believer of clients’ success being our success and the winning performance of our clients depend on a co-operative approach towards the practice of law.

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